Best FREE Remote Desktop Software
Best FREE Remote Desktop Software

Top 4 Best FREE Remote Desktop Software You Should Use

It can be difficult for IT teams as well as network administrators to get to the bottom of technical issues without interfering with other people’s work. You need to start figuring out first before they cause problems throughout your network, but you can’t do so by shutting down everything.

I’d recommend using the best free remote desktop software to assist. You can securely access another computer from your own—or even a mobile device—with free, freemium, as well as commercial options on the market.

Top Free Remote Desktop Software

New year, new products. There are numerous options available to you whether you want a freemium, free, or commercial remote desktop viewer. However, for the time being, I’m only going to focus on free platforms so you can see what the most entry-level choices on the market look like. As previously stated, these tools can provide you with many of the essentials for remote access, but they will not provide you with everything.

In any case, free remote desktop software will help you in dipping your toe into the water. This can be useful if you’re not sure what your necessities are or if you want to familiarize yourself with some choices before deciding on which commercial software to invest in.

On the other side, these free remote desktop techniques may provide you with everything you require, in which case the options listed below will suffice. Here are some things to think about, in no particular order:

 Best FREE Remote Desktop Software – Chrome Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop Software
Remote Desktop Software

Chrome Remote Desktop is among the most basic free remote desktop link options available, but it does the job well. The only requirement is that Chrome is installed on both computers—yours (the client) and also the computer you’re remotely logging into (the host).

This option operates through an extension that you install. You’ll gain access to the host by developing a different PIN, and you’ll be able to control it by logging into Chrome on the client end. You can also access the host if Chrome is not running or they are not logged into their account.

Even so, the functions are somewhat restricted. There are no chat choices if you need to communicate fluently to someone on the other end, and the platform does not currently support file sharing, so I’d classify it as an entry-level option.

 Best FREE Remote Desktop Software – Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop
Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop is comparable to Chrome. It provides basic features that are useful if you are a certain type of user, but it has several limitations that may not make it a great option for everyone. Microsoft’s free platform allows you to remotely control Windows PCs from other Windows machines, mobile devices, and Macs.
It should be noted, however, that you cannot connect a Mac from a Windows PC. You can use Microsoft Remote Desktop to work with any version of Windows beginning with Windows 7, as long as it is running  Ultimate, Enterprise, or Professional. It does not require approval to relate to your PCs, which is a bonus, but it does not support file sharing or provide a plethora of options.

 Best FREE Remote Desktop Software – RemotePC


RemotePC provides some advantages over Chrome Remote Desktop as well as Microsoft Remote Desktop. It, for example, supports file-sharing but also chat functionality, both of which are essential when attempting to collaborate with someone remote location to fix a problem. You can use mobile devices to connect to a computer, removing the need to be tied to a laptop or desktop host.
On the other hand, the most significant limitation is that you can only store information for one link at a time unless you use their freemium options. This means that an access ID and key can only be paired for one type of connection. You could theoretically connect to as many hosts as you want, but you won’t be able to save that information to toggle.

 Best FREE Remote Desktop Software – UltraVNC


UltraVNC operates by installing a server and a viewer on two separate computers. Install the server just on the computer to which you want to connect as well as the users on the computer that will serve as your controller. By making the server a system service, it will always be running and you’ll be able to connect to it more easily.

In terms of potential stumbling blocks, you’ll need to modify your router settings when using UltraVNC, particularly for port forwarding. Aside from just that, the platform supports file sharing but also transfers, server-to-viewer chat, and clipboard sharing. Warning: the download page isn’t as visually appealing as some of these other choices.

Why is Remote Desktop Software used?

Whatever industry you’re in, IT teams face a tough challenge: how can you resolve problems with computers, storage, as well as networking resources without interfering with other critical work your company does? Whether you’re troubleshooting a single end user’s computer or investigating a problem that affects the entire organization, there’s a lot of pressure to just get in, solve the problem, and get out as quickly as possible.

On the one hand, I understand where people will be coming from. According to research, 54 percent of businesses experienced downtime enduring more than an entire workday—roughly eight hours—in the last five years. When you take into account that longer incidents can cost businesses tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars, you can see why it’s vital that IT professionals go to the bottom of whatever’s wrong and figure it out.